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Residential Care Conference Dinner

Corporate Training

Our interactive training techniques put words into action! Improving communication has many benefits for any business that values fresh ideas and a customer service focus. The Court Jesters have worked with franchisees, corporates, and MBA students to allow individuals to be more confident when outside their comfort zone. We also specifically offer:

  • Corporate training
  • Team building
  • Creativity and idea generation
  • Presentation skills and public speaking
  • Being in the moment and being present with a customer
  • Improvisation training
  • Role play scenarios for employment interviews

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Learn to improvise

The Court Theatre runs Improv Classes for Youth 13-15 & 16-18 and a range of classes for adult participants.

Intro to Improv

Intro to Improv Parts 1 and 2
introduce fundamental improvisation techniques in an environment in which all participants can discover the charismatic performers inside themselves. Intro to Improv courses require no previous experience.

Character and Narrative

An opportunity to focus on a particular performative skill, for e.g. physicality, music, character. Assumes basic improvisation skills, as well as basic narrative skills. In general, it is only open to people who have done the Intro to Improv courses. Please note this class is for ages 18+.


Our Performance Improv class is open to all students who have prior improv training, or who have completed Intro to Improv Parts 1 and 2. Each term students team up with a Court Jester to create an improvised show, honing their improv skills along the way.

For further information, check out The Court Theatre’s Education page.


Theatre Sports™ in schools

Theatre Sports™ in schools is an annual competition for improvised theatre held by The Court Theatre. School teams of up to six perform scenes and games based on audience suggestions, scored by a judging panel of The Court Jesters. Teams who progress through the heats are invited to participate in the grand final at The Court Theatre.

Intermediate and secondary schools that register are assigned a coach who will provide ongoing improvisation training, as well as professional sessions with The Court Jesters.

For more information, or to register your school, please see
the Court Theatre’s website.