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One of the best improv troupes I’ve come across!

Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson)

Scared Scriptless New Zealand’s longest-running comedy show

A favourite of Christchurch audiences for twenty-five years, Scared Scriptless combines fast-paced, off-the-cuff theatre with just the right amount of audience interaction. Friday shows focus on the “classic” Scared Scriptless experience of rapid-fire improvised comedy scenes and games, while Saturdays see the company tackle a new theme each calendar month – anything from different improv formats to play-length themed shows, and all still created completely without a script and based around suggestions from the audience on the night.

Scared Scriptless plays every Friday and Saturday night (except Good Friday, Show Weekend, and a short hiatus over the Christmas/New Year period). To book, call the Box Office on 963 0870, or book online. Tickets only $14/16.

With 25 years under our belt as a company, we’ve still never played the same scene twice!

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Past shows


The Gary Starlight Christmas Special

The Gary Starlight Christmas Special. Celebrate the end of the year with Gary Starlight: Christchurch’s answer to Michael Bublé. Join Gary under the mistletoe this holiday season for an evening of hits… and misses.


A Very Merry Scriptless: Over The Top

100 years on from World War One and some battles still remain the same. Christmas is coming and the troops want a laugh to forget the trials and tribulations of the year. Travel back in time with The Court Jesters, Christchurch’s hilarious improvised comedy company, as they recreate a front line World War One Christmas show.


Hamlet: The Video Game (The Stage Show)

Who knew Hamlet was good with his fists, good with a gun and even better with the ladies? Who knew Gertrude was so… kick-ass? Who knew Shakespeare included a tutorial level and a final boss battle?


The Early Early Late Show

The Court Jesters bring all the chaos and fun of the late night improvised comedy show Scared Scriptless to the family-friendly time of 6pm. Songs, scenes and games are all made up on-the-spot by the cleverest, funniest, silliest people we could find. All to appease “The Boss”. Will they appease him… or face punishment?


Shakespeare: As You Write It

The Jesters get very historical, vaguely educational and entirely hysterical with Shakespeare: As You Write It, a breakdown of the writing techniques of William Shakespeare. Each night The Jesters improvise a brand new spontaneous Shakespeare play based on the themes of a modern day blockbuster film, stopping every now and then to argue about whether they’re doing it right.

“It’s meant to be semi-educational!”


Pirates! The Musical

In the Jesters’ second foray into improvising an entire musical we join Captain Greenfinger and his crew of scurvy knaves as they sail the Caribbean, search for treasure, reunite with long lost family members and brutally murder the Governor’s dog Pup-Pup. All the while singing shanties, ballads and yo-ho-ho-ing their way through mysterious caves, pirate outposts and the bed chamber of the Governor’s daughter. IT’S A PIRATE’S LIFE FOR ME!


Sex 2: 2 Sex 2 Sexy

In a blatant marketing ploy the Jesters write SEX on a poster and then hadve to make a show about it that is sexy – but not too sexy, dirty – but not too dirty, and funny – but not too funny. Wait, that last one isn’t true. Sex 2 is an oddly respectful and not entirely smutty exploration of the funny side of human sexuality.

The Hungry Games

In the dystopian future, the oppressed people of the Districts must send their children to fight in The Hungry Games, a battle to the death where only the strongest (or most handy with an egg beater) might hope to survive… Meanwhile, in the dystopian present, the Court Jesters offer a Tribute of their own to a certain mega-popular book and film franchise that cannot be named for copyright reasons.


Tales From Camp Horror

Welcome to Camp Horror, kids. Here, come close, and sit around the campfire with me. Don’t worry, I won’t bite – as you can see, I’m missing all my teeth – but I will tell you a terrifying tale or three, each more filled with dread than the last. Perfect for the month of Halloween, our horror anthology kept audiences laughing, but also snuck up on them with some scares as well, and OH GOD IT’S BEHIND YOU RIGHT NOW

“In between the laughs there’s a palpable eeriness.”

A Painful Election

Scared Scriptless see a sudden upsurge in baby-kissing as four candidates from across the spectrum make their bid to become our great nation’s next leader. But what skeletons (and little-used exercise equipment) are they hiding in their closets? It is up to the audience to choose carefully from amongst them, assisted by our in-house smartphone polling and live feedback graphics in the theatre. Ooo, fancy.


Djesters Unchained

A lawless frontier town is in need of a hero. But there’s hope – the Jesters have signed up some random audience member as the new sheriff! He / she and his / her upbeat /surly / bemused attitude turned out to be just what Dry Gulch needed (convenient!). Dukes were put up and skies were reached for in this Western epic that took our love of audience participation to a new level.


Scriptless: The Musical

All singing, all dancing (well, lots of singing, some dancing) – Scriptless: The Musical is our own unique take on that classic musical story of boy meets girl. Boy is a zoo architect, they fall in love, but girl is also concerned about the Queen’s upcoming visit, and the African jaguars are out of control… A love-letter to Broadway that features an all new story and songs every night (beat that, Broadway).


Band of Rock

An all-access backstage pass, Band of Rock pulled back the curtain on the rock n’ roll lifestyle of drugs, gigs, personality clashes, the road, hotel-room-trashing, drugs, glamour, celebrity causes, Satan worship, groupies, the creative process, inspiration, drugs, songwriting and drugs as The Biggest Band in the World hit the stage to bust out some of their chart-topping (improvised) hits, even going so far as to play their own instruments. Rock n’ roll, man.


Space Patrol 5

In the far reaches of space, the brave crew of Space Patrol 5 continue their important mission of peaceful exploration, science, diplomacy, and straight-up fist-fighting any aliens that make the mistake of rubbing them up the wrong way. This homage to classic science fiction was so on point that you could practically smell the forehead prosthetic glue and polystyrene boulders, and proved a smash hit when performed at the New Zealand Improv Festival.

“Such care and love has been taken with this show, it is a delight to watch… the strongest genre piece of the festival.”


Soapland Street

Hospitals are positively filled with drama. And drama only leads to revelations, eyepatches, cliffhangers and more twists than a 6-foot licorice rope: stakes were high in our serialised comedic tribute to a certain much-loved New Zealand medical drama that shall remain anonymous. So gripping that one lady from Hamilton saw one episode while in town and then just HAD TO fly down especially to see the big finale!